Freezer Filler Pack

Fill up your freezer with this amazing meat pack – all this fresh meat for only £50 delivered next day direct to your doorstep! FREE Delivery on ANY order!

£4.30 per KG

SKU: 038.


per kg

Andy Meatman’s superb £50 freezer filler pack includes a selection of meats to see you through the weeks. This meat pack is one of our best sellers and our customers on the Fylde Coast love it!

What’s in the pack?

2lb Pork Sirloins
2lb Cumberland Sausage
2lb Back Bacon
2lb Mince Steak
2lb Rump Steak
2lb Chicken Breast Fillets
2lb Leg of Lamb Roasting Joint
2lb Topside Beef Roasting Joint
2lb Pork Loin Roasting Joint
x 2 3lb Fresh Fylde Chicken (Whole Birds)

Order today for delivery to your doorstep tomorrow! You can’t buy fresher and cheaper anywhere else!

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