The Weekender Meatpack

This specially prepared meat pack is excellent value for money and why not add 2 x rump steaks for only £5 as a bolt on deal to complete your weekender?  You can’t go wrong with this mega meat pack – the families dinner all taken care of courtesy of Andy Meatman! FREE Delivery on ANY order and we guarantee this pack will be delivered either same day if ordered before 7am or next day if you place your order before midnight.

Choose your choice of Weekend Joint Lamb Leg Joint or Beef Topside Joint below:


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What’s in the pack?

400g Mince Steak (5% Fat)
400g Blackpool’s Best Sausage
400g Back Bacon Ultra Lean
400g Danish Gammon Steaks
400g Fresh Chicken Fillets
400g Pork Loin Sirloin Steaks
6 x 1/4lb Man Sized Steak Burgers (do not shrink)
700g Boneless Joint of Cheshire Pork Loin
and a 1200g Full Fresh Roasting Chicken
(please note a £5 supplement will be added for a choice of lamb joint due to price increase of lamb)

Additional information

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Lamb Leg Joint, Beef Topside Joint

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